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June 2024

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In order to strengthen defence capabilities of the Slovak Republic in the cyberspace, the Military Intelligence implements necessary security measures to promote the security and the defence capabilities of national critical assets. One of such security measures includes establishment and operation of CSIRT.MIL.SK, which is a Military Computer Security Response Team. Its mission is to:

  • Provide security oversight over the monitored infrastructure,  
  • Identify systems vulnerabilities,
  • Detect malicious activities on the network,
  • Respond to cyber security incidents,
  • Conduct systematic education and security awareness.

On February 12, 2018, the CSIRT.MIL.SK was successfully accredited by the certification authority - Trusted Introducer. As such, it has become a full member of the international community of CSIRT/CERT teams - TF-CSIRT (Task Force of Computer Security Incident Response Teams).

More information about the CSIRT.MIL.SK can be found in  RFC 2530.

The public PGP KEY can be downloaded  here.

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