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The best project of the decade in the field of Cyber defense

23.11.2018 o 12:00 hod,

On the occasion of 60th anniversary of the existence of the Science for Peace and Security programme (SPS), the SPS Science Partnership Prizes 2018 were awarded to three best successfully completed projects in the last 10 years in the three different categories. Winners will receive award in the NATO headquarter in Brussels on 29 November 2018.

The SPS programme itself supports practical cooperation between NATO states and partner countries in the field of scientific research, technological innovation, and knowledge exchange.

100 projects selected for the contest competed in the categories (NATO priorities) as follows:
  • Cyber Defence,
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Defence,
  • Advanced Technologies.
Each category had 4 selected finalists. Winners were chosen by the group of 3 experts in particular category/field.

Team coordinated by Prof. RNDr. Otakar Grošek, PhD., member of Military Intelligence and Head of Institute of Computer Science and Mathematics of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, won in the category Cyber Defence with project „Secure implementation of Post-Quantum Cryptography“.

The aim of project was to describe and define cryptographic measures (system designs, new algorithms, and security methods) with regard to oncoming quantum computers that will cause the standard methods, practices, and solutions from the security point of view would become insufficient both for military purposes as well as for the general public.

Availability of the quantum computers affects general citizens in their daily activities as work with internet banking and E-government services, privacy protection and on-line internet shopping, where the “secure” internet communication is used. Moreover, the principles of functioning of smart cards and electronic signature will have to undergo principled changes. Just as the ordinary citizens, the arrival of quantum computers will also strongly influence the state and its obligations towards public in the field of security. The results of the work of Professor Grošek team brought significant contribution in terms of response to these problems.

The international team of Professor Grošek consisted of experts from Izrael - Eran Tromer, Daniel Genkin and Ezra Shaked, France – Viktor Fischer, Pierre-Louis Cayrel, Tania Richmond and from USA - Rainer Steinwandt. The Slovak republic was represented by Milan Vojvoda, Eugen Antal, Tomáš Fabšič, Pavol Marák, Ondrej Gallo, Matúš Jókay, Pavol Zajac and Viliam Hromada. The team achieved significant theoretical and practical results that aroused worldwide interest. The results were published as 46 professional scientific articles in the most prestigious scientific magazines as Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series Proc., Quantum Information Processing, IEEE journals and ACM journals. Beside above mentioned success, the results of the team were referred also in 22 conferences as Crypto, CHES, SAC, ACNS, ACM, PQC, and others. The Military Intelligence (MoD SR) was informed in detail about the results of the project. Other parts informed are National Security Authority of the Slovak Republic, ST Microelectronics (FRA) and First Data Corporation (USA).

The award reflects the success of the project and its contribution to scientific research in the field of cyber defence. The result of the project from the NATO point of view proves that the solution of tasks in the field of cyber defence is a common goal and the effort in the framework of close cooperation of scientists from NATO countries. Further, for the Slovak Republic, and last but not least also for the Military Intelligence, is this the confirmation of the quality of the professional background, which it disposes with and its results reliable in the context of research, development and implementation into practice.

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